There are a lot of beauty makeup products that worth to be tried but there are too many brands and that implies great spending.

The solution may be trying new make up products offered as samples. It’s much easier to understand in a shorter time which product is worth buying and which suits you.

Updated 31.03.2013

Choose one of the 3 samples from Sephora and get them FREE: Urban Decay Urban Decay Naked Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup, Hourglass Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup Oil Free SPF 15 No 1.5/Nude – 0.03 oz link

Free Maybelline XXL Mascara – Maybelline XXL extension XX-treme length microfiber mascara gives up to 85 percent visibly longer lashes

Get a Sweet Libertine Mineral Eyeshadow Sample pack – The recipient will receive a small package containing two samples of Sweet Libertine’s most popular colors, a business card, and a short note explaining what the program is and why they were sent the samples. The colors sent in the sample packs will be completely random but they will be Sweet Libertine’s most popular colors. They will come in a small sample ziplock bag, and will include enough powder for several applications. link It will be packed and sent out within 2-3 weeks

Mineral Makeup Samples – Try Before You Buy. NO Obligations. NO Worries. NO CATCH! link

Get free samples from BA STAR for you and for your team. BA STAR is a company that produces makeup for dancers and cheerleaders.  Free samples are sent to registered Teams, Schools or Studios consisting of 12 or more participants. Free Samples are for the purpose of evaluating the products and colors in order to purchase Team Makeup Kits. One set of samples are sent per team to the makeup coordinator, coach or teacher. link1 or link2

Get a free catalogue from Razzle Dazzle Cosmetics – a beauty company that produces makeup for cheerleaders. If you’re a coach feel free to request free samples on the phone. link

Request FREE Mineral Makeup Samples – Due to the volume of requests $1.50 shipping will be charged for all samples. link

Get a gift card for Sephora, at no cost! participation required.

Everyday Female Beauty Brands Free Coupons

Makeup samples selected are free of any charge and will be shipped right to your door.


  1. daughter uses makeup all the time and loves to try new products

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