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Updated 09.08.2022

Receiving free stuff and samples at home has become a part of our lives.

Everyone can test products for free in the comfort of his own house.

You just need to select the offers you like and leave the address for shipping.

Some of the companies that offer free stuff, ask for a registration first and some a valid telephone number.

Check the correctitude of the information you leave for free stuff to be shipped at a correct address.

Free Anti-Slip Mat for Cell Phone

Anti-Slip Mat will prevent your cell phones, sunglasses, coins and pretty much anything from sliding across the dashboard while you drive, so you can keep your items safe and easily accessible at all times!

Offer valid only in the contiguous United States (i.e. excluding Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Europe and United Kingdom. Strictly one free sample per household. While supplies last

Free Sticky notes from Sandy Paper

While supplies last. Limit (1) sample per household

Free Phone Cleaning Wipes

Limit one sample per person
Offer valid only in the contiguous United States (i.e. excluding Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Europe and United Kingdom

Get a Free Mask Sample – premium adjustable mask – available in white and black

No purchase necessary. Limit one per customer. While supplies last.

This product is not rated for medical use, but does follow CDC guidelines for reusable, washable face masks

Receive a free sample of Cozy Checked Condoms

You’ll be receiving your free checked condom sample in 2-3 weeks
Each condom is electronically tested to ensure maximum protection. Lubricated with improved silicone oil for silky smooth feel. Comply with ISO 4074 and meet all international standards.

Discreetly packaged and shipped. Please only one request per household. (While supplies last)

Receive a FREE SAMPLE of Cozy Lubricant

Made from the highest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, this sex lube contains no animal-based glycerin or animal byproducts and is completely safe to use with condoms.

Please only one request per household. (While supplies last)

Water Test Kit Request Form

If you’re a Tacoma Water customer, you can request a free kit to have the water at your home or business tested for lead
You will receive the test results by mail within eight weeks

Color Street Free Sample Request

It is a high quality nail polish product made entirely in the USA!

USA and Canada ONLY

Subscribe to DrBrite email newsletter and answer 3 quick questions to get a sample of toothpaste that is good for 2-3 uses and is shipped to you for free

Limit one sample per mailing address. Free shipping offer valid only for a mailing address in the contiguous 48 United States of America. While supplies last

Receive your free sample of RockyWater – Use RockyWater Crystals to aid in growing and maintaining beautiful house plants, outdoor plants, and shrubs! A single teaspoon of dehydrated polymers will yield 1 cup of crystals

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Free samples are shipped while supplies last

Free PRO-KEDS sticker

At this time, the sticker request is open only to U.S. consumers

Place Your Order for Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests

Residential households in the U.S. can order one set of #4 free at-home tests from Here’s what you need to know about your order:

Limit of one order per residential address
One order includes #4 individual rapid antigen COVID-19 tests
Orders will ship free

Send a Free Postcard – Conversation Hearts, I Have a Kush on You, Blushing Conversation Hearts
Available in the US only (for now)! Ships via USPS

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  1. Would like to receive free stuff but every one knows that nothing is free. prove me wrong. Thanks Danna

  2. Saw the Better TV show and would love free stuff hope this is true about getting stuff free.

  3. Free….Not me i never get anything free. I’ve heard about getting free thing but I automatically think “whats the catch”. I would love for y’all to prove me wrong. Thank you.

  4. I would love to get things free but we always know there’s a catch so what is it?Survey’s,credit cards or later on down the line i’m going to get a bill for what i got if it’s free send it my way

  5. i love free sample’s i get lots of sample’s each day. this site allows me to get stuff like locks and candles and more thing like that. i have not gotten anything yet i hope this is true! i love free stuff thanks for this website and all the work you have done to get us these free things.

  6. would like to receive free stuff if it’s free it’s for me lol

  7. I fill out things that go on forever, and I have yet to get anything for “free”.

  8. Really appreciate you sharing this article post.Really thank you! Coxey

  9. I would love free stuff delivered to my hose

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