How to Find Free Stuff

Receiving free stuff is not only pleasant; this is a wonderful opportunity to try new products and decide whether you want to buy them in future. For manufacturers free stuff is one of the ways of promotion, so new offers from different companies appear almost every day. However, offers usually expire very fast, so your search for free stuff should be an ongoing process. This may sound a bit complicated, but as soon as you get accustomed, it won’t consume much time.

The following hints will teach you how to find free stuff.

1. Prepare yourself to getting free stuff. You will need a computer with Internet access. Make new email for freebies as you may receive much mail every day. It is also recommended to install form filler program that will automatically input your personal data into forms. You will need to enter your shipping information again and again, and that’s time consuming.

2. Register on popular freebie websites like Shop4Freebies or StartSampling. They will send you reminders when you are eligible for new free samples.

3. Make the list of your favorite brands and visit their official websites. Then go to “special offers’ tab that often provides visitors with coupons and free samples. If you cannot see such information, then simply use contact form and request some free product samples. Don’t forget to include your address.

4. Nowadays many companies have various loyalty programs for frequent buyers. Collecting points may be a bit boring, but these bonuses can bring you nice rewards. Always register your birthday if there’s such option.

5. The next hint how to get free stuff is to go to your local grocery store. Ask what days they usually offer free samples. Groceries often make product tasting on popular shopping days, for example, Saturdays. You can try the product before buying.

6. Do you want something more serious? Then you will need to work a bit more. Companies will gladly provide you with free samples and items, but they want something in return. As a rule, they want your opinion. Try online survey websites or provide feedbacks on the products you have tried (here) . These may be very beneficial for both parties.

7. When you receive samples, keep them organized, and use them prior to expiration date. Samples are perfect for travelling as they save space in your suitcase. If you really want to save, do not use such samples as shampoo (here) (immediately. Wait until you run out of it and then use samples instead of buying a new bottle.

best things in life are free

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