Frequently Asked Questions about Free Stuff

What is free stuff? What does this service exist for? Which advantages can it bring? How not to be cheated? Here you can find all the necessary information.

Free stuff is a service offered by different companies which enables you to receive all kinds of stuff without payment. This peculiar market trick is beneficial for both parts. Companies draw their target group attention and try to make more strong connection with clients while you get the product which has given you for free. Believe there is no charity or scam! For brands which offer you a free thing it costs pennies compared to thousands samples which they successfully sell due to such a way of advertising their goods.

Free stuff guide

There is a big quantity of sites on the web that give you information on how to get stuff. Some of them allow you to download the list of free materials, others want you to submit your initials or leave your e-mail address to make the procedure of sending the item available. If you don’t want any of the sites to have your name on the mailing list, just unsubscribe when those companies send you next e-mails. Of course, when entrepreneurs deliver you some kind of product, in any case they will try to make you buy something, but it isn’t necessary.

Types of free stuff

• Material articles of trade. They can be in the capacity of samples or gifts. A sample is an original product that is given to you in small quantity or doesn’t have a packaging. It is made for testing goals or as a free addition to the main acquisition for money. Gifts are freebies which are given out instead of a high cost product. They are often attached to popular for everyday use products introducing themselves as a new ware on the market.

• Non-material merchandise. There are usually games. At the first stage they are free but to pass them completely you have to invest in the game which you want to play.


It depends on the sponsor who is giving away those wares. The shipping of freebies may continue from a few weeks to several months.

How not to be trapped?

Of course, no one can feel secured against it but there are some tips how to distinguish white companies from scammers:

• Never use your personal, home or work email address. • Don’t pay for free stuff. It is called free because it is at no cost.

• Avoid offers which are too good to be true. Think about the benefits which the company gains proposing such stuff.

• Don’t pay attention to not requested offers, for example, offers connected with bank accounts or other financial operations.

Now that you know how to protect yourself from scammers, look at the positive points of free products.

It is advantageous because:

1. You save money.

2. There are many free games, movies, music downloads, audio books, etc.

3. It has a big variety of choice: stuff for your children, home, personal care, computer, garden etc.

Knowing general information about free stuff and using it with a common sense you can gain some profit and pleasant experience. Just start writing a list of things which you want to have and get them all at no charge.

Don’t you still believe it is possible? Trying once you will be surprised and want to do it over and over again!

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